About Us

About Us

IT Outsourcing Solutions Experts

IT outsourcing and remote hiring need not be any complicated. We provide productivity and accounting soluitions for managing remote workforce.


Easy accounting, reconciliation and payment process.

Time Tracking

Easily track working hours and productivity of your remote workforce.

Employee Relations

Create strategies to retain your top employees.

Timesheet Management

Manage timesheets for thousands of remote and part-time employees at a single place.

Our Clients

What they say about us

Amazing service!

John Partho

They provided the exact solution for my business needs. Now I am more focussed on my core business functions.

Expert doctors!

Mullar Sarth

IT hours saved me a lot of time and paperwork. I used to spend days communicating with my remote employees to collect all the information I needed. Now, almost everthing is automated.